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HTML Tutorial

HTML Tutorial

by Trainer Riad Thalji


Paragraphs can be defined by enclosing a text with the <p> and </p> tags, lets recall our example:

<!doctype html>
<title>My Learning Plan </title>
<h1>Hi, I'm learning HTML. </h1>
<p>I will use it for developing web pages.  It is very easy and simple. </p>
<p>This is part of my learning plan. Which will include: </p>
Html <br />
JavaScript <br />
And the Java Programming Language <br />

Like we did in that example the <p> tag defined two paragraphs in our html page. 

Paragraphs features include:

  • Automatically wrapping the text included to adapt to the area in which that paragraph is defined, and to the display size.
  • Automatically place a newline after its enclosed text.

* The browser will not consider any line breaks that we may place inside the text without html tags.   So if we write:
<p>This is my main HTML                Page
That I will use for my website.
It will contain an intro about my business.
The result will be something like to following ignoring all the white spaces and newlines:

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